Don’t wait for Cancer

I’m sitting here, shivering, in my hospital gown, scribbling this post while I am waiting for another checkup.

I am being monitored.

I am ok. I am healthy.

On my way to this appointment, it dawned on me – WHY would I want to wait for Cancer to become bolder and braver, to be more courageous?

To be willing to disrupt!

I am not talking about quitting my job, leaving my husband, etc…. That’s not what needs to change for me.

It doesn’t have to be drastic.

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Consistency is key!

Recently a dear friend of mine, Sylvia Walker, and I were chatting about consistency. How for some reason we are able to get ourselves to take certain actions and then resistant to other actions.

I asked her if she would write a blog post for me as I am certain we are not alone. I find it incredibly invaluable to hear about other people’s experiences and perspectives. Today, Sylvia is sharing her experiences and a commitment.  Hopefully it will inspire others to find consistency in whatever you are working at.

Thanks Sylvia!

Consistency is key…I have to keep reminding myself!

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Don’t forget to do what you love….

Yesterday I was on a deadline and missed my post. Sorry for being a day late!

I finished up my project this morning and decided to take my eldest to see the production of the Wizard of Oz.  I have been wanting to see a play for the longest time and I knew my daughter would love it but for many reasons, excuses, I just never bought the tickets…until now.

Sitting in the theater with my daughter Avery, and experiencing the goose bumps that I inevitably feel whenever I hear an amazing voice I was reminded how important it is to do the things that you love.  To make time for the things and energize and fill you.  Sure I took the afternoon off…..but what I gained is so much more than an afternoon of work!

What is important to you that you want to commit to stop putting off and just doing it?

My belief is that life’s too short not to enjoy the ride;)