4 Tips to Stop Minimizing What You Have to Say

The topic of low self-confidence has been on my radar recently and its impact on our ability to reach our goals.

Projecting low self-confidence isn’t only reserved for those who have internal self-doubt.

What I am noticing is that low self-confidence is also being unintentionally projected even by those who feel more self-assured.

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Prioritizing work over life….

I was speaking with a friend the other day who told me that for 2 years she’s been meaning to be the parent volunteer for her child’s kindergarten class. Her work is insanely busy and she’s had no time. The child was now graduating into grade one and the opportunity is now gone. Retrospectively, had she booked off the time, like she does for dentist apts and meetings, she could have made it happen.
Opportunity lost.
This really resonated because I too know that there are certain things that are important to me, yet I still take little or no action on them.

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