Leaning in to achieve your goals

Here's an image to visually show you what happens when you move from your comfort zone by plugging into your power zone.

Imagine your Goal as a dot well off the right side of this pict,  plugging into your Power Zone gets you out of your Comfort Zone and into action to REACH your goals!

I have just started to read Sheryl Sandberg’s (COO of Facebook) book called Lean In. I am only 30 pages into the book, in the throes of all the reasons why things are how they are for women. What keeps popping up into my mind is….so what can we do about it! I’m sure Sheryl is going to get there, but I am a doer, and prefer to take action.  I often ‘fail forward’ but that’s for another post;)

So what do you do when there’s an opportunity in front of you that also evokes your insecurities or self doubt?  How do you move into action, when you are not feeling fully confident?  Anyone?

I’ll go first.  I personally plug into my “Power Zone “as a way to move past the self-doubt, the negative messages from the past and insecurities, and into action.

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