Using Gratitude as a Tool For Success

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend has just come to a close.

What I love about this past weekend is that it creates a time when we intentionally focus on what we are grateful for.

I believe that no matter what our circumstances are, everybody has something to be grateful for.

Even in my toughest moments, gratitude is what has helped me navigate through.

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3 Steps to Shut Down the Stories that Are Limiting Your Career

Amongst the network of women I work and play with, I am constantly reminded of how often we miss out on opportunities because of the negative stories we are telling ourselves.Fear.StoriesTellOurselves

Do any of these sound familiar?

I don’t want to ask my question because I don’t want to sound dumb.

I can’t follow up with her or ask for the business because I don’t want to seem desperate.

I can’t say anything to my colleague because I don’t want him to take it the wrong way.

I don’t want to lead that team because I may not have all of the answers.

If these don’t resonate, here’s a chance to acknowledge your own sentence:

I don’t want to…………….. because……………………..

In all of these scenarios we are assuming that our outcomes are going to be negative.

The irony is that the outcomes are UNKNOWN. We don’t actually know what’s going to happen, but are willing to limit ourselves before we’ve even tried.

When I find myself in this situation, I remind myself that for every negative hypothetical outcome I am making up, there’s always another way to slice it.

What are you not doing because of a negative story you are telling yourself? What action are you not taking because of  hypothetical outcome you are avoiding?

Here are 3 Questions to ask yourself so you can start leveraging your opportunities to thrive.

#1: What’s the limiting story you are telling yourself. (If I do “X”, then “Y” will happen.)

#2: What’s a positive hypothetical outcome?

#3: What’s the impact if you don’t take this action?

I believe that we are the biggest obstacles standing in our own way of success.

The stories we tell ourselves play a huge part in this. When you find yourself committed to a negative hypothetical outcome, remember that you are choosing to limit yourself and your career.

Revealing Your Flaws: 3 Reasons Why You Should

I was recently welcomed into a group of great women at KPMG in Toronto. I was there to give my talk titled “Getting Out of Your Own Way: How to take confident action, outside of your comfort zone, for exceptional results.”

Every time I host the session what amazes me is what happens when the women in my audience choose to let their armour down and get real.

By being real, I mean a willingness to be truthful. To share not only their good experiences.

Acknowledging that they haven’t figured everything out. That they aren’t perfect.


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Self-Imposed Limits: 3 Ways to Push Past Them

See.Believe.Achieve   – John Maclean

This mantra is so simple, yet was so profound.

My husband and I recently attended a Young Presidents Organization (YPO) conference in Vancouver, Canada. The entire 3 day conference was exceptional, but there was one INSANE moment that I want to share with you.

I will never forget the Saturday when we were introduced to John Maclean.

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3 Questions to Minimize Your Fear and Take Action

I did it.

I faced my fear.

Yes, it’s my job to help professional women to Get Out of Their Own Way….and I too have to practice what I preach.

I was sitting on the ledge.  Wanting to go into unchartered territories…but avoiding.  I have a goal of launching P.O.W.E.R Advisory Boards within corporations.  An opportunity for professional women, across business units, to connect and learn from each other’s experiences.

To stop trying to figure it out alone. 

I know that shared experiences decrease learning curves and increase results. But most importantly, they create the opportunity for women to expand their networks, authentically, with other like-minded, ambitious women, who want to thrive as a whole, at work and in life.

Despite the fact that I know how impactful, effective and helpful this is, I wasn’t taking action.  I was scared.

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2 Tips To Make Your Summer Count

The school year has just ended, or is about to, for many of us. The kids are excited….but I can’t necessarily say the same for their parents.

As a working mother, in the past I have felt very challenged by the summer months. Trying to juggle my career ambitions and goals, with the desire to be a present and engaged mom.


No matter if you are a parent, or not, you can use this post to set your intentions for the next few months, to help make your summer months count.

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Permission to Stop Giving

I was recently ‘stood up’, by a no-show, despite the fact that I had carved time out my schedule to give to someone for free.

I was annoyed.

I was giving my time away because I felt I SHOULD and it wasn’t received or valued.


I have realized that for me there’s a clear distinction between giving something away that I WANT to, and giving something away I feel I HAVE to or SHOULD.

The no-show was MY reminder that it’s up to me to start creating my own boundaries for what I WANT to be giving away.

I know I’m not alone.

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4 Tips to Stop Minimizing What You Have to Say

The topic of low self-confidence has been on my radar recently and its impact on our ability to reach our goals.

Projecting low self-confidence isn’t only reserved for those who have internal self-doubt.

What I am noticing is that low self-confidence is also being unintentionally projected even by those who feel more self-assured.

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The guilt trap


In most of the workshops I host, when professional women talk about their lives and the need to prioritize and make decisions, the word ‘guilt’ always comes up.   Especially when talking about trying to juggle everything that’s important to us.

What’s incredible is the power that guilt can have over someone.

Guilt comes in all shapes and sizes.  Guilt of working too hard, not spending enough time at home, not spending enough time with their partners or parents, doing too little for family, for school, and on and on….

I get it.  I too feel guilty sometimes.

Luckily, I now know guilt is a choice and that it doesn’t help me, it just traps me.

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Internalizing Feedback – 3 Tips to Stop

Over the past few weeks I have been facilitating many workshops for TD Bank’s female entrepreneurial clients. Guiding these women through a strategic goal setting approach to help them get really clear about what is important to them at work and in life, and then creating a plan to make them happen… while expanding their networks with like-minded women. I love this work!

The workshop is designed to give the participants a lot of opportunities to share experiences, think strategically, plan and connect.

The energy in the room is vibrant, there’s lots of talking and as participants leave, I hear wonderful feedback.

Then there are the feedback forms.

As I was about to go through forms from the first workshop I literally found myself holding my breath before looking at the sheets.

For some reason I was nervous.

Nervous about uncovering someone didn’t derive tremendous value for the time they invested or didn’t have the same experience that I had intended for them or that they didn’t like my facilitation style, etc…

Nervous I was going to hear something negative.

Luckily I now know ways to get over myself and wanted to share 3 Tips so you can too:

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