Giving Yourself Props

This idea came to me on Halloween morning when my son decided to change his costume, amidst the chaos of a regular pre-school morning.  He was in indecision mode for quite a while, which would normally drive me CRAZY, because I still had lunches to make, a daughter to wake, etc….Thank goodness we found a solution that he was thrilled with and we all managed to make it to school on time.

Post drop off, I called my girlfriend out of a strong desire just to give myself props.  I could have easily been so frustrated and lost my patience but I didn’t.  I was quite proud of the fact that I navigated the scenario in a way that in retrospect didn’t embarrass me! I consciously chose in that moment to respond with patience. 

My need to share had nothing to do with ego, it was more about delight that I didn’t buckle under pressure. I stayed the course I had wanted to.

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