Is Your Negative Voice Running Your Show?

Has the negative voice in your head been running the show for too long?


I am noticing an urgent theme that keeps coming up in conversations with friends and clients.

It’s the need to shut down the negative voices in our heads that are ultimately rooted in experiences from our pasts.

What do I mean?

Recently on a call with a client she was sharing about her lack of self-confidence presenting to larger groups, and how uncomfortable it is for her to be in these situations.

Despite having merited her way up to a leadership role within her company, she would digress to how she felt as a teen when she was leading group meetings – assuming that people were saying things under their breath or talking about her once she turned her back.

The impact of this is huge, considering her every day job requires her to be in these types of situations.

She shared with me how she knew it all stemmed from the incredibly painful days of high school.

Something many of us can relate to.

We didn’t spend time digging into the different high school situations, because I truly believe that it doesn’t serve us to go back and harvest the memories, bringing energy to the painful and frustrating vivid details of the past.

They are what they are, we can’t change what’s transpired.

Through coaching, she was able to realize was that when she is in group situations, she was actually choosing to allow the high school experiences to hold power over her and impact how she shows in the present.

Trust me, she is not alone. Most of us do it – allowing past experiences to influence our current reality.

But when we know better we can do better. This is why I’m sharing.

Think about how often you might shy away from a situation because of a negative past experience? When the truth is, most likely that past experience has NOTHING to do with today’s opportunity.

When we choose to welcome the past into taint our current situation, we are giving away our power.

It’s hard to believe BUT WE ARE ACUTALLY CHOOSING to bring forward, to lug our negative experiences with us, alongside of different situations for the past 30-40+ years, giving them permission to taint, bring sadness, chaos…..or whatever they bring, into our current reality.

When in fact the past doesn’t have to have anything to do with right now.

With the client, the ‘mean girls’ have nothing to do with the meeting she is leading.

For me, a prevalent experience that I used to lug with me, literally for the first 35 years of my life (then I started to become aware) was “Good girls don’t….”.

“Good girls don’t… talk about money.”

“Good girls don’t… speak their mind.”

“Good girls don’t…..create ripples.”

These were simply social niceties that I was raised with, with the best of intentions, either explicitly or what I interpreted.

Either way, I was living my life, inviting these messages/feelings to taint and impact my current situations.

But they weren’t helping or serving me at all.

As a business women and entrepreneur how would any of these add value to what I was trying to create?


SO what can we do differently?

Here’s a metaphor that might help.

Let’s think of this as a radio dial.

With all the different stations you can tune into.  You can choose what station you feel like listening to.

You get to choose.

So let’s bring in the client situation. When she’s in a group her default station is tuned into (Mean Girls) “MG 100.1”. Hearing the noise and chatter from the past.

For me, I used to default to (Good Girls Don’t) “GGD 200.2”, doing the same thing.

But we don’t have to stay tuned to that dial.  How much effort does it take to turn to a new station?

Literally and figurative, not a lot.

This is where she/I/we actively can choose to switch stations to one that brings us value like channel “Me 20.18”

When we are in a situation and we feel ourselves defaulting to a bad habit, a certain negative feeling, we consciously can choose to change the station.

Instead of listening to the negative reel playing in our head, we can choose to tune into the
“Me 20.18” and chose how we want to show up and feel in today’s situation.

To no longer be listening to the unhelpful noise of the old stations as we move through our current reality.

To choose to just be and do you.

You are strong and powerful.

 I trust and hope that this was helpful and you’ve gotten what you need.

But, if in your gut you know you need more, I want you to know that I am taking on new one-on-one coaching clients.

If you know that you would benefit from plugging into to an outlet to help you change your limiting beliefs and habits, let alone hold you accountable to not defaulting back to the old station, let’s connect for a Strategy Session to see if we are the right fit.

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