3 Leadership Lessons from Yoga

After almost a decade hiatus from yoga I decided to try again six months ago – but quit after one class because I got hurt.

I allowed my competitive, “try your best”, self to take over…and yoga won.

Since then I have turned 40 and my body is screaming at me to do something differently, so I decided to check my ego at the door and try again.

The class was SO HARD.


Sometimes I had to come out of a pose.

Take a drink of water.

Stand up so I didn’t faint.

Only raise my foot 4” when everybody else’s was parallel to the ground.

….but it was awesome.

The class didn’t change. I just changed how I chose to show up and navigate it.

Here are 3 Transferable Lessons from Yoga:

1. You Can’t Always Be the Best

It’s unrealistic to think that I could go into a situation I hadn’t been exposed to for years, or maybe ever, and expect myself to be the best. If it’s important, then I need to put the effort in to becoming masterful.  If it’s not, I have to be ok with not being great.

It’s about where we chose to focus our action and effort, and managing our own expectations.

2.  Nobody Cares

So often we enter into a situation and feel that we are being watched or judged. Well, you probably are but for a split second and then the person’s interest moves on.  It’s a habit to check people out…but when it’s game time, most people are so focused on what they are doing nobody is even thinking about you.

Don’t waste your time worrying about what other people are thinking because they are too busy worrying about themselves. They haven’t spent more than a second of thought on you.

3. Be Kind to Yourself

If you take a beating or don’t achieve a desired outcome, be kind to yourself. Figure out what you can chose to do differently next time, for a new outcome, but once you’ve figured that out…be kind to yourself.  Let it go.  Enjoy Shavasana – the last pose where we get to lay in a comfortable position and relax.

When your butt gets kicked – be kind to yourself – relax.

2 thoughts on “3 Leadership Lessons from Yoga

  1. I’d add “Each time is a new class!” I find with yoga sometimes I feel great and invigorated, sometimes I feel terrible and need to return to child’s pose. But I show up, I respect where I am, and know the next class may be completely different but I won’t know until I show up the next time so I keep showing up. I don’t let the success/difficulty of the last class impact how I come into the next one.

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