There’s No Ego in Owning Your Value

Ladies, we have a problem.

I see it every single time I ask a group or an individual client to speak kindly and share what they think about themselves.


Far too often this creates a ripple of discomfort and some have even refused.

I get it, that was me.

In my ‘former life’, prior to knowing differently, you couldn’t have paid me to speak kindly about myself, let alone even think nice thoughts out of a fear of being judged that I was arrogant, had a huge ego, was high on myself, etc.

Have you ever felt this way?

If so, my wish is that by now you too have had the opportunity to realize that we have so much to gain from owning and trusting in who we are and the value we possess.

Doing this only fuels our successes and living the best version of our life.

Unfortunately, from my experience these women are few and far between.

The reason is that we’ve been practicing our entire lives. Trained to be this way by our environments, our communities, families, etc.

It’s a bad habit.

We now get to choose if we want to continue repeating it or not.

It’s something we can choose to change.

I did.

I remember my TSN turning point.

It was during my coaching certification when we had to stand facing another person and for three minutes our partner had to tell us what they thought and felt about us.

All I could do was cry.

The next person shuffled down and had to do the same for three minutes. Tell me what they saw in me. All I could do was cry because I was so uncomfortable.  I knew that these were truths, but I couldn’t own them.

Owning them would mean I had an ego, right?

Another person shuffled down and for the next three minutes I had to tell them what I thought and felt about myself. Well…I just cried.

After the excruciating nine minutes my life changed.

During the group debrief a middle aged woman stood and talked with such kindness and love about herself was when I realized that there’s no ego in loving who we are.

It was from this moment that I started practicing owning my worth, my power.

Nothing around me changed just how I chose to think and feel about myself which changed the the way I showed up and navigated different scenarios.

New habits take time, think about anything else in your life you’ve changed. You’ve had to be intentional about it and repeat it.

It’s the same for loving yourself and being able to own it.

Imagine this was role modelled for you?

What would have been different?

We have an opportunity to end this epidemic, one role model at a time.

We have to start somewhere, so why not right now.

I have a challenge for you.

To share your “I am….” Statements.

Will this feel uncomfortable? Maybe.

You get to choose to know that it has nothing to do with ego and everything to do with knowing, trusting and role modelling as individuals with the collective power of a group.

Let’s show the women coming after us and around us that there’s no ego in being proud and owning our value.

You can choose to repost this image, create one with your own words or post a video in our Facebook community, a place where women just like you have opted to join in, or post your “I am…” anywhere and use #powertribe so we can find you.

Let’s do this.

I’ve gone first!

Here’s my video that inspired this post.

Please share, post and forward to other women in your community, at work and in your family.

Most importantly be sure to share your ‘I am…..” statements with them and start role modeling this new habit one person at a time.




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