Stop Fueling What You Don’t Want

I was reminded of this as I lay inside the MRI machine, feeling the solution being pumped through my IV and causing a wave of nausea to overcome me.

Getting sick wasn’t an option.

I knew I couldn’t move.

I also knew that if I kept focusing on the nausea and getting sick…I would.


I knew that I needed to take hold of my thoughts and focus on anything other than how I was feeling.  So I focused on my breath and the fact that I was grateful I lived in Canada and had this opportunity.

(Please know that I am whole and healthy!)

The hijacking of our thoughts unfolds in our daily lives.

When we spend too much time focusing on the negative things around us: scenarios, outcomes, people, etc.

Often not realizing that the time and energy we are giving these ‘things’ is only fueling the fire and perpetuating the negative thoughts or unwanted outcomes.

All of this adding NO value to us.

Here are 3 Ways to Stop Fueling What You Don’t Want:

1. Shut it Down: When the unhelpful thoughts surface it’s critical that we shut them down. Nobody can do it for us, it’s up to us. Be kind and patient with yourself. It takes practice to undo habits from our past. I find having ‘go to’ thoughts to replace the negative ones a helpful way to start. Personally, I have used “Stop, I’m not going there” and “At least I’m not married to this person” to replace my thoughts in a recent situation with another person.

2. Move: I often find that when I’m feeling stuck by a situation that’s consuming me, it helps to move my body. Get up, change your environment. If you can go for a walk, run, ride, a class etc. that’s awesome, but anything is better than nothing.


3. Find Gratitude: This is a daily tool even when you are not in a challenging place, but especially important when you are surrounded by negative scenarios. Find and focus on what you are grateful for in your life. Sometimes that involves stepping outside of your life and thinking about how incredibly fortunate we are relative to so many others within our city, let alone around this world.


Mastering our mind and choosing our thoughts is a journey that starts somewhere.

There’s no better time than this moment to start replacing the thoughts that aren’t serving you with ones that fuel what you truly do want.

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