Do What Scares You

I was recently approached with an opportunity that’s outside of my wheelhouse. To facilitate on behalf of a brand whose product I currently know very little about.

Of course, I am confident with certain aspects of the job requirements, but then there are aspects that don’t fall into my area of “been there, done that”.

The unknown.

I know that in the past fear has stopped me too many times from stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Can you relate?


If so….

Here are 3 Steps to Help Us Do What Scares Us:

1. Stop the Cycle:

This reminds me of a statistic from the book Lean In that really resonated. The fact that women typically won’t raise their hand for an opportunity unless they feel their expertise matches 100% of the job description, vs men need to feel they match with 70%.

Let’s stop this cycle.

We got this.


2. Why not Me:

When I start to question if I will be good enough, I literally ask myself “Who would be better?”. I have to trust that I can do it just as well, if not better, than anyone else.

So, why not you?


3. The Impact?:

What’s the impact if you don’t do it? What’s the impact if you do?

If I don’t and take the easy way out I’d be shying away because of a fear of failure. So hypocritical. I would lose all credibility.

And if I do what scares me, who knows what’s behind the unknown. What other doors we can open when we are willing to step through the one that scares us.


What about you?

Is there something upcoming that scares you?

Here’s a great place to own a more empowering perspective. Which of these do you want to channel?

Or perhaps you’ve recently done something that scared you.

If so, we’d love to hear about the tactics that helped you overcome your fear.

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