There’s No Such Thing as Balance

The word balance sets us up for failure.

We can’t possibly do everything, let alone well, no matter how hard we try.

I say it’s not about balance.

It’s about choice.

Giving ourselves permission to make choices…and be good with them.


I know your life is full.

You are not alone.

We are all operating at a max, no matter what our title, if we have children, what we fill our days with, etc…

Most often we are juggling other people’s priorities. Our bosses’, colleague’s, family’s, etc…… fill in the blank.

Nothing is going to change until you make the choice.

Making a change may be feel tough, but remember we are not striving for balance or perfection.

Here are 3 Steps to Take:

1 | Own the outcome you want.

This is relevant at work and in life.

Get specific and own what you want. Trust that it can be about taking baby steps if that feels best.

You have to get clear on the end goal you desire to know what you can say “yes” to that will help or position you to achieve your outcome and “no” to those that don’t.


2 | Get uncomfortable.

You are currently on Autopilot, allowing your natural and habitual responses to dictate the situations that are transpiring.

You are going to have to choose to do it differently.

This may feel uncomfortable at first, but you have to create new habits to replace those that are currently keeping you stuck. Keeping status quo.

Ones that will help you reach your desired outcomes.

Maybe your discomfort will come from:

  • Worrying you are letting someone down
  • Asking for what you need and coming across bossy
  • Carving out time for yourself and appearing selfish
  • Setting up boundaries and appearing arrogant
  • etc…..

What is it for you?


3 | Put it into play.

When you know better you can do better.

Nothing’s going to change until you make the choice.

I guarantee that the hypothetical outcome you are making up isn’t the only possible outcome.

What’s one possible positive hypothetical outcome?

You’ll never know until you try.

The truth is that you can’t control someone else’s responses, but you can trust that their response has nothing to do with you. It’s their issue.

The details around you aren’t going to change, just how you choose to show up.


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Email me with any questions.

I will do my best to respond quickly…while I’m in Africa!!

This is why I won’t be posting a new blog until I return.

It’s a choice.