Why It’s Okay to Lose Your Sh#t

There’s no other word for what transpired this morning.

I lost it.

I have been really intentional over the past few weeks about being patient, even venturing into the unknown territory of meditation…which I’m actually digging.

I wasn’t born patient.

My entire life I have had a short fuse around my family, never in public or towards anyone else.

Needless to say, I know that it’s an excuse to say I have a short fuse and be okay with it.

To allow my habitual bad habits to continue.


It’s up to us to change our habitual responses, I call them our ‘Autopilot’ responses, that are having a negative impact on how we show up in situations that matter to us.

Maybe for you it’s not about patience.

Maybe it’s being shy, timid, overbearing, controlling, stingy, unkind, etc…

I am sharing a personal scenario so the details will be different, but undoubtedly there are situations at work that don’t reflect well on you either, and you know you need to change.

This is how it went down this a.m..

It’s past the time to leave for school to get there on time.

My six year old changes and comes down wearing shorts that are too small for her to button up by herself.

She’s refusing to put her jogging pants over her shorts.

Looking me straight in the eyes with the sassiest glare, literally saying “what are you going to do about it.”

If it were either of my older two, who are within “walking to school age”, I would have let them know they were making the choice to walk and have them figure it out.

With her I was stuck.

She’s not afraid of me.

I had no point of leverage that I could think of……

My toolkit felt empty…

So I lost it.

She ended up slowly putting her pants on and making her way to the car.

As we walked out the door my 10 year old who was waiting for us outside said “I could hear you”.


So…why am I sharing this moment?

Because we all have these moments. Situations where we wished we had shown up differently because they are totally incongruent with how we want to be.

The great thing is that we get to choose to do it differently next time.

The more we practice “doing it differently” the more second nature it becomes.

3 Steps to Doing it Differently Next Time:

1 | Own it.

Nobody is perfect.

What’s happened in the past can’t change. It’s about moving forward and doing it differently, next time.

2 | Dissect it.

For me, it will literally be as simple as just breath…..to shut my mouth and breath when I just want to scream.

Figure out how you can do it differently. Otherwise the same thing will keep on happening.

3 | Let it go.

Dwelling on it adds no valued.

You’ve just dissected so you know what you can do differently next time. Now it’s your opportunity to do what you need to do to make the situation feel better for you, if anything. For me, I will have a conversation with her after school, own my part and bring awareness to hers.


P.S. We can’t figure everything out alone.

New perspectives and ways of taking action have a huge impact on what we are able to achieve at work and in life.

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