3 Blind Spots that Limit Your Success

I would never have agreed that I was playing it safe or small.

I would have pushed back, knowing that I was doing my best. Working hard and being really intentional at work and in life.

Despite the fact that I’ve always taken action, expanded my comfort zone, I can now see and own that I was still playing it safe.

I was standing in my own way, unaware of my own blind spots.


Here are 3 Blind Spots that May Also Limit Your Success. Shining a light on these can help you thrive.

1: Stop Playing Small and Own What You Really Want.

My truth is I want to live an exceptional life.

I have often felt conflicted trying to settle between my desires and how to actually make them happen without a huge impact on the other important parts of my life.

I was keeping my goals within the scope of ‘reasonable’.

If I fall short of reasonable goals it doesn’t feel great. If I fall short of larger and more delicious goals, I’m still farther ahead.

So, declare it. Write it down and put it out there.

Until we clearly own what it is that we desire, we will continue to add limits to the life we are living.


2. Just Because People Around You Haven’t Done It – Doesn’t Mean You Can’t.

Our “perceived reality” often falls into the scope of what we’ve seen or have watched others experience or accomplish.

Stop managing your desires around what other people have done.

  1. Own and trust what you want
  2. Take consistent and intentional action
  3. Be selective. Share your goals with people who will champion you, not keep you down.


3.  Stop Being Afraid of Success.

It’s ironic, but true.

The analogy that comes to mind is walking into a gym, seeing a competitive body builder and thinking “She’s way too strong. I don’t want to look like that”… so we don’t even start to weight train.

Giving up or opting out before we even get started.

I know that this has impacted me and the success I have achieved so far.

I realize that I have been concerned with how more success might impact my family, my own time, the flow of life, etc…

Truth is, of course there will be an impact, but we are resourceful and can figure it out if it’s truly what we desire.

We can navigate and course correct along the way because it often takes a lot of time and energy to achieve our goals. We can always reassess our actions at any point along the way if we feel our muscles are getting too big.


With awareness we can choose to do things differently.

Which one of the above do you know you need to be aware of?



Keeping you in the know:

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Here’s a video to please share with any women who fit the above.

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