How to Show Up Powerfully, Everywhere

When I started out on this journey of speaking and leading groups of professional women I would make up stories that left me feeling inadequate.

I assumed that these women were more successful than me because of their titles and positions.

Does this happen to you?

I trusted my content and who I was, but looking back I realized that I kept trying to mold myself into someone I thought they wanted me to be.

I dressed conservatively and muted my delivery out of a fear of being misjudged. I played it safe.

I showed up as a less powerful version of myself.


I know that there’s value in being aware of our audience, but I would challenge that we often make assumptions about our audience that are wrong.

These same assumptions lead us to showing up differently, less authentically….less powerful.

As I continue to lead groups of amazing women I consistently hear stories from these smart, competent, ambitious women that they too show up differently depending on their audience.

Unfortunately, nothing is going to change until we make the choice to do it differently.

The details or people around us aren’t going to change, but how we choose to show up can.

It has nothing to do with being the loudest voice in the room, taking up more space, speaking for the sake of speaking, etc…

It is about making choices that are simply aligned with who you are, as the best version of yourself.

3 Steps to Showing Up Powerfully, Everywhere.

  1. Name it:


In what scenario do you show up as a muted version of yourself?

Is it when you are in a meeting, at a networking event, on a sales call, in a new situation, etc…?

What’s it for you?


  1. Get Clear on your Values:

Write down your Values. A list of the qualities that need to be present for you to be living your best, most successful, fulfilling and joyful version of your life.  My values are: joy, smart work, being out of my comfort zone, family and downtime.

What are yours?


  1. Use your Values List as a Tool:

I recommend capturing your Values List in something that is with you when you are in these situations. Maybe on your phone, on the first page of your notebook, printed and framed on your desk, etc….

When you are in, or about to go into the situation refer back to your List and acknowledge the values that you are honouring when you choose to show up powerfully in the situation.

What do you notice?

It’s about choosing to #GOOYOW. To get out of your own way, so you can influence and lead with more impact.

The truth is, you can never control how your actions will land, be interpreted or how people will respond, but you can control how you feel and why you are choosing to own your power and to take the action.

When you ground yourself in your values, you can trust that showing up powerfully is simply in line with who you are authentically.


We’d love to hear from you.

What resonated with you? Are you willing to share the scenario that you used to show up as a muted version of yourself, and hold yourself accountable to show up differently the next time it presents?


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2 thoughts on “How to Show Up Powerfully, Everywhere

  1. Hello,

    It is Tara. We were introduced through Paige purvis. How are you? Just wanted to reach out and say awesome post. Really hit home for me.

    We are finally in our new home (since end of October). My daughter is now 11 months old. My son is energetic as ever at 5.5. Going to take an extended maternity leave till I decide what is next for me cause don’t want to go back to travelling 2-3 times a month.

    Hope life is treating you well. Tara

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