Stop Taking It For Granted

By it….I mean our health.

Over the holidays I was hit with a wicked virus and a really bad back.

Today, as I walked out of the doctor’s office I ran into a friend who was there to get some potentially scary results.

It’s these types of reminders, coupled with my intention to do What Matters this year, that prompted me to capture today’s post in a short video.

It’s up to you

Nobody can do it for you.


So…what’s it going to be.

What is one thing you want to commit to doing over the next 7 days to prioritize your health?

Ironically, my one action is inaction.

Taking it easy. Letting myself recover.

What’s yours?


REMINDER:  Tomorrow is the first Your Power Hour and the topic is Goal Setting: How to do what matters for 2016.

Registration free and we’d love to have you join in either session’s conversation.

Sign up HERE for the Worksheets and Session information.

See you there!





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