How to Do What Matters in 2016

I didn’t set a New Year’s Resolution.

I find them hard to keep.

I set a theme for the year.

WhatMatters.text                           (Here’s a glimpse of some of what matters to me.)

To remind me to make the choices that I can feel proud of moving through the year and towards my goals.

As I was being drawn into Instagram this weekend, my kids around me doing their own thing, the theme reminded me that I wasn’t doing what mattered, so I switched it up and we played a game.

My goal, like so many of you, is to have a great career and life…and not at the expense of each other.

For example focusing on work and family, and neglecting health, friendships, adventure, community, etc…. because when the end of this year rolls around, I don’t want to feel the disappointment.

To avoid this, I start by thinking about what my Whole Life looks like.

What are the pieces that need to be present for me to look back at 2016 and know that I’ve taken action, and have focused on what matters so I am living my best life?

This complete Whole Life picture enables me to make sure the goals I am setting for the year touch on all of the categories.

Without a holistic view of what matters, when goals setting, I find it too easy to overlook some of the important parts of what will make the year awesome.

I use a visual Tool called Your Success Wheel.

You can download this FREE TOOL HERE.

I am not only excited to share it with you, but I have decided to try something new for 2016.

I am committed to creating an outlet where authentic women connect and have real conversations about how to achieve our goals and to live our best lives, one step at a time.

It has nothing to do with pretending we have it all figured out.

It’s about showing up to share our goals and challenges, ask our questions, hold ourselves accountable to do what we say we want to do, and benefit from the collective group’s experiences and expertise.

So, I am hosting my first Your Power Hour sessions with the topic of Goal Setting: How to Do What Matters in 2016.

  1. Wed. Jan. 13th at 12-1 p.m. EST on Zoom. (Zoom is a video conference platform)
  2. Fri. Jan. 15th at 1-2 p.m. EST on a Conference Call.


To participate in either session you just have to download Your Success Wheel, the Session’s PRE-WORK, and you will receive the Worksheets and link with the session’s details.

I have no idea how many of you will be able to make it, but I am leading by example in taking inspired action to live my best 2016.

I hope you will join in!

Register HERE.

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