6 Leadership Lessons from Running

Today I wanted to quit.

I didn’t say anything out loud to my friend and running partner, but I was struggling to keep up and labouring.

After we parted ways, I stopped to catch my breath and as I walked the block back home I realized how many parallels there are between running, work and life.


These apply no matter if you are a walker, wogger (walk/jog kind of girl), jogger or runner.

My 6 Leadership Lessons from Running.

1.   Carving out ‘me’ time fuels my success:  I took a hiatus from running for a few years while I focused on my business and family. It just wasn’t a priority and I felt like I was taking away from the others if I were to make time for myself.  What I’ve realized is that running fuels my successes.  If I feel stuck or stagnant, I head out and it’s amazing how differently I see and feel about what’s transpiring around me.

2.   We are much stronger than we think we are:  I would have quit at the beginning of the run, but dug deep and went so much further than I thought I could.

3.   Focusing on the negative is limiting:  When my mind drifted to how tough the run was, it only made things worse.  I just started to think about the next marker, goal or milestone I wanted to make it to.

4.   There’s no shame in walking:  Sometimes we just need to slow down and know that it doesn’t mean we are giving up, but instead we are trusting that by walking we are choosing to take it slowly, one step at a time, knowing we will still reach our destination.

5.   You feel better when it’s done: There’s value in doing the things that you fear or don’t want to, if they are intentional actions to help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

6.   Schedule what’s important:  If it’s in your calendar you are way more inclined to do it.  Better yet, find an accountability partner or partner in crime to join you and make it happen.

Here’s an opportunity to focus on being intentional about one of the above.

What do you stand to gain?

It’s all it takes to be a part of the #PowerTribe.

It’s up to you to #GOOYOW.







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