How to Self-Promote: Even when you think you hate doing it.

When you think of self-promoting what words come to mind?

  • Cheesy
  • Sickening
  • Awkward
  • Desperate
  • Not me
  • Uncomfortable
  • Pushy, etc….

If I haven’t said yours, fill in the blank here…….

If your response is positive, that’s awesome, and feel free to stop reading here.

If it’s negative, you are not alone.


I was recently reminded of this during a group facilitation where I was surrounded by competent, accomplished and intelligent women.

When the topic of self-promoting was brought up it amazed me to hear everyone simply validating their feelings of discomfort.

Everyone agreed that it feels horrible, uncomfortable, etc…..

Just accepting that “It is what it is”.

Not one of them pushed back and challenged that it can be different.

This is where the epidemic lies.

These competent, smart and awesome women perpetuating the story that self-promotion is uncomfortable because….

We all have our own reasons.

What’s your “because”?

  • You don’t want to appear arrogant?
  • You don’t want people to perceive you as pushy?
  • Someone may not agree with you?
  • Other?

What I know with certainty is that CHOOSING to see self-promoting from a negative perspective will limit the action you are willing to take.

The details around you won’t change.

Your boss, your client, the decision makers etc…aren’t going to change, it’s up to you.

It’s actually about changing how you are currently seeing “self-promoting”.

Changing your story about it.

Your current perspective is negative, so no kidding you have NO desire to do it.

So try these on for size.

What would change if you Trusted any or all of the below?

Here are 3 ways clients have chosen to change their perspectives around self-promoting.

1. Knowing Your Are Sharing Your Truth: When you are self-promoting you are simply sharing your truth.  You are presenting the facts. Removing the emotional story you’ve created around it.

2. Thinking about a Positive Hypothetical Outcome: You are currently assuming a Negative Hypothetical Outcomes (NHO) – ironically phonetically it says “NO”.  Your assumption that the outcome or experience will be negative is stopping you from taking action.

There’s a possibility of a PHO (Positive Hypothetical Outcome) as well.  What’s a potential PHO of self-promoting?  The truth is YOU HAVE NO IDEA what the outcome will be until you take action.

Remember, you can’t control an outcome, but you can know exactly why you are choosing to share your truths.

3. A Desire to Role Model: You are choosing to demonstrate the leadership qualities that are required to get you to where you want to go.

If these are tough to get your head around then perhaps you want to take it further by registering for this intimate Toronto event Dec. 1st.   How to Self-Promote: Even when you think you hate doing it.

Can’t make the event?

No problem.

Here’s a free Training TOOL you can plug into to help you reframe how you’re seeing self-promoting.  To find a new and empowering perspectives about it.

The Tools is called Transferring your Excellence.

It’s an opportunity to see that you can utilize your innate abilities, what comes so naturally to you and transfer them to how it feels to self-promote.

No joke. It’s possible. Just try it.

If you know that you fundamentally need to shift how it feel to self-promote, and you can’t make the event, be sure to register HERE to learn this Tool.


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