3 Steps to Unplugging

Where in your life would you benefit from unplugging…at least for the summer?

Changing your habits for a finite period of time….or maybe longer?

I am not just talking technology.

Is it a commitment, an activity, a person, etc…?

Here are 3 Steps to Choosing to Unplug, to Change Your Habits.

1. Own It

We can never control the responses or the outcomes of our decisions. How other may respond to our choices.  We can just know Why we are choosing to make it.

What do you need to own?

For me, I am owning that I need to unplug from writing these posts for the summer.

2.  What’s the impact?

Think of what you stand to gain by unplugging?

During the school year I love sharing these new perspectives, tips and tools. I have the flexibility with nobody around.

When the summer arrives I find myself conflicted between sharing with you, my community, and having the summer I love with my kids.

My windows to work are shortened by the sheer presence of family around all of the time.

I know and trust that we all stand to gain by taking the time over the summer to use my work windows to think and dream bigger. To plan for the fall and the exciting things I am working on. Stay tuned….

3. What Are You Honouring With Your Choice?

What values are you honouring by making this decision to unplug?

For me it’s my core values of joy, downtime, leveraged work and family.

It’s with joy and gratitude that I sign off for the summer.