3 Questions to Remember the Value of Slowing Down

As ambitious women, with full plates, so often we are goal centric.

Becoming hyper focused on our goals and delaying our happiness until the outcomes are achieved and/or missing out on so many other things transpiring around us while we push forward.

Ironically by doing this I bet that either one or both are impacting what’s most important to you.


The other day I was on a run watching a flock of birds working together, changing leaders, connected, being in the moment, taking advantage of the wind patterns … going with the flow.

Still moving ahead, purposefully and empowered.

As I was thinking about this sight, I realized that these are all of the words that are present when I am happiest at work and in life.

I am imagining it may be the same for you too.

Here are 3 Questions to Help Remind You Why It’s Worth Slowing Down and Going With the Flow:

1.   What’s coming to mind when you are reading this?

What is one thing that you know you are ready to do differently? Maybe:

  • Taking the time to slow down and breath?
  • Stop delaying your happiness until you’ve landed the client or promotion, increase revenue, lost 20 lbs, etc….
  • Choosing to be happy with where you are vs unhappy with the distance between where you want to be?
  • Something else?

2.   What do you stand to gain by changing status quo?

3.    How are you doing to remind yourself of this new choice?      

What about using the image of a flock of birds as a visual cue for what you need to be reminded of?

Maybe it’s a beautiful image as your screen saver or taking a moment to look up and actually see the birds.  Not matter what it is, get clear about what you want to be reminded of every time you see it.

Changing habits can take effort and this is why I love visual reminders, tools.

The details around you aren’t going to change, it’s just how you choose to navigate them that will.

It’s up to you.

Nobody else can create the change for you.

What’s your choice? Trust that we’d love to hear from you.

What are you going to do differently?

You can post it here or other social platform using the #GOOYOW.

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