3 Things to Remember When Navigating Tough Decisions

In the past few weeks I have been hearing from women who are feeling totally stuck.

Being at a point in their careers and lives where they have to make a big decision to take a course, to go for the promotion, etc… that impact not only them.

These women are ambitious and want to have exceptional careers and lives, and these decisions were being viewed as at the expense of their families.


The root of their ‘stuckness’ is that everything was feeling black and white.  The outcomes were either win/lose.

This situation is totally overwhelming and daunting especially if you have to make decisions where you feel you are sacrificing what truly matters to you.

Can you relate?

What changed is that these women found their grey zones.

The change was when they gave themselves the opportunity to trust that the decision that was best for them was actually somewhere in between.

Ironically their grey zones were giving themselves permission to postpone their promotions and courses.

Their transition came when they chose to trust that these opportunities are what they want, but just not right now.

That they can continue to work hard and produce at work, but unwilling to knowingly bite off what would have a huge impact on their family at this point in their lives.

This being said, their grey zone isn’t yours.

Maybe right now is exactly your time to be going full throttle, or maybe not.  Either way, there’s no judgment. It’s your choice and only you know what’s best for you and what’s important to you.

What would change if you found your grey zone?

A combination of your black and white – in the shade that is up to you.

Your grey zone stems from trusting these 3 things:

1: You are on a journey.

Sometimes you have to run, sometimes you need to jog, walk or take a water break.  Only you will know best when those times are.  No matter what the pace you are choosing to travel at, trust that you are still moving forward, headed towards your end goals.

People who run/walk a marathon, often cross the finish line before those who are trying to run the entire way.  Just saying…..

2: You have no idea what’s to come.

You have no idea if the next opportunity that presents itself may be even better suited for your goals and ambitions.  Building on your experiences you are continuing to increase your value and setting yourself up for future success.

3: There’s no paint by numbers.

Just because others have done things a certain way, doesn’t make it right for you.  I can think of a client who was ready to leave her job because it became totally intolerable.  When she finally got to her breaking point and went to her boss to resign, she told him what was transpiring and he asked her what she needed.  She ended up getting it all.  Don’t assume that just because nobody has done it differently it’s not available to you.

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