3 Steps to Coming Out of Your Low Places

I recently went through a low period.

We all do. We are all human.

I had just come off of my high after completing a road show, hosting workshops for female entrepreneurs in cities across western Canada.   When I came back, I was accessing my landscape and felt defeated and frustrated by a few things.

The details are irrelevant because what brings me down will be different from you, but I know that you too experience struggle.

The point is, we all experience setbacks. Trying times.


It is pretty remarkable that even within a short period of time, with what feels like a flick of the switch, we can go from feeling great to the opposite.

For me, I was having a regular day, then by the time I went to bed I was feeling totally defeated and sorry for myself.

NONE of the details around me changed, just how I was choosing to navigate them did.

With every situation, there are always going to be details that justify why we are feeling the way we do.  If you stay swimming in these details it’s not going to help you.

Here are 3 STEPS that help me to come out of my low times.

 1.   FEEL IT:

Allow yourself to experience whatever it is.  Be there.  If you need a good cry, to be in isolation, to have a pity party, whatever you need…

 “Go there”…. but don’t stay there.

The following step will help you with this.


  • Relative to Others: You are so close to your challenge and are looking at it from a very narrow perspective.  Take a moment and back yourself out of your situation and think about what else is transpiring around you.  How significant is your challenge in the grand scheme of things?  Another thought is, think about someone you know who is going through something truly significant in their life….enough said.


  • Let It Out:  Staying in your own head can keep you feeling debilitated for a long time.  We have so much to learn from others.  By sharing it with someone you will not only gain new perspectives, but I find that I see it differently even when I just hear myself talk about it.

 3.   TRUST:

Trust is about trusting in time.  Yes it’s a cliché, however time truly does heal.  Trusting that with time things will feel differently.  We are all on a journey.  We have a lot to learn from the trying times.  Here’s the opportunity to find the learning in the situation, to do it differently next time, so that you don’t need to experience this again.

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