3 Steps to Take the Struggle Out of Your Juggle

I don’t like the word balance.

I feel that it sets us up for disappointment, and feelings of failure, inadequacy and overwhelm.

In the search for “balance” we often end up simply adding more balls to the ones we are already struggling to juggle.

Spending our everyday just passing ball after ball through the air on autopilot.


So let’s keep going with this metaphor…

You can probably even see a few balls fly by your eyes that you don’t want to be juggling anymore, but you haven’t figured out a way to drop them without upsetting your own routine.

Or there’s another ball that you’d love to add to your mix, but you can’t figure out how to have it become a part of your routine.

Here are three questions to ask yourself for perspective:

1.How long can you sustain juggling the balls that truly aren’t important or adding value to your life?

2.How is it going to feel one year from now if you don’t do something differently?

3.How bad does it have to get to find the energy to switch up your every-day and change your routine?

Your answers to these questions are the truth.

But juggling doesn’t have to be a struggle even when you only have this one act.

The way to make it more enjoyable and manageable is to pause then consciously figure out which balls you want to pick up and which to leave behind.

This is the same in your life.

Yes, it takes effort to carve out the time to truly figure out what you want from work and life, which balls will delight and add value to you to keep juggling.

Which balls will enhance your performance and your show.

To me the answer to living your best life, juggling the balls that add value, lies in our ability to make choices and trust in them. 

Here are 3 Steps to take the Struggling out of your Juggling:

1. CARVE OUT TIME: Carve out the time to get strategic about what’s truly important to you over the next year.  Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome is the definition of crazy.

It’s about leaving your day-to-day and getting strategic about what’s truly important.

2. GET SPECIFIC : I have recently gone through this exercise and am so grateful for the clarity.  By taking the time to get specific about what balls will truly add value to me, allows me to know which balls I WILL NOT let fall.

It was key for me to write them down and now I keep them on my desk so I am accountable to focusing on these top priorities.

3. TAKE ACTION : Planning is of no value unless you are ready to act on it.

If you are in Toronto, I am so thrilled to let you know that I have created an opportunity for you invest in yourself. Invest in the clarity of what will make the next year of your life purposeful and productive.

What’s the impact if one year from now, nothing has changed?

You can read about the details HERE.

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