4 Beliefs to Fuel Your Action

I am on a roadshow.  Traveling to some of the most beautiful cities in western Canada hosting over 200 women along the way.

In every workshop my guests leave committed to doing something differently and I am reminded that we all have something to gain from taking inspired and purposeful action.

…. what’s the impact if you don’t take the actions you’ve been avoiding?

Inspired action

Even if you haven’t been in a recent workshop, what would you stand to gain if you did what you have been avoiding before next week’s Tuesday post?

With the privilege of hosting and connecting with so many of you, I am reminded of these 4 Fundamental Beliefs to fuel, support and inspire your purposeful action.

1.  The Power of Connecting: We have so much to learn from each other.  Far too often we try to figure it all out alone and we don’t have to.  I know how much I have to gain from even a coffee with authentic and amazing women who inspire and introduce me to new perspectives.

Opportunity for action: How can you create opportunities to connect with like-minded people who bring you value and energize you? Is there someone in particular you want to connect with over the next week?

2.  Stop Pretending To Be Perfect: None of us are.  We have so much to gain from realizing that we don’t need to be. The irony is that pretending to be perfect is only taking away from the outcomes you are working towards and your enjoyment of life.

Opportunity for action:  What is one specific thing you can intentionally choose to let go of even if it’s just this week?

3.  You Are Not Alone.  I have never worked with a group where I didn’t hear at least one person sharing that they now realize they are not alone.  Superficially we assume that we are different, but fundamentally we share so many similarities.

Opportunity for action: What do you need help with? Clarity around how to navigate a challenge or brainstorming an opportunity?  Stop trying to reinvent the wheel and connect with someone who may have “been there done that” or at least share new perspective that are helpful to you.

4. You are POWERFUL.  It’s undeniable the power that it inside each of us.  It’s about choosing to own it and use it.  I have experienced this first hand. My career and life transformed when I chose to stop playing small and to quietly and fundamentally trust in myself.  How about you? What’s the impact if you continue to play small?

Opportunity for action: Identify at least one situation where you can intentionally practice showing up differently.

Own it and do it. 

Of course we’d always love to hear what the action you are taking or want to celebrate here!

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