Do You Need to Lean Out?

I recently had a conversation with an awesome, confident, ambitious, strategic and hard working woman.  She is a ‘go to’ person that everyone knows will get the job done.

She’s constantly accessing the landscape between where she is, where she wants to go and what she can do to make it happen.

She says yes to stretch opportunities.

She’s unafraid of taking action that’s outside of her comfort zone.

She’s always leaning in.

She needs to start leaning out.


She knows that she’s doing too much.  She feels like she’s living at capacity and that nothing is being done well.

She’s not alone.  No matter what the details are, we all know what it feels to be living at the point of total saturation. Unable to add anymore to our plate and struggling to stay afloat or juggling what’s on it.

The following week on a run, I was reminded of our conversation as I was crossing over the train tracks my family and I take multiple times a day.

This time was different. 

A train had stopped under the bridge and prompted this metaphor that I hope will resonate with you, no matter what your details are.

The train was fully loaded and equipped to get to where she needed to go.   She’s getting the job done, but sometimes obviously she needs to slow down and stop along the way.  Some journeys there’s no stopping mid track, but others she does for whatever reason.  Sometimes she takes on more passengers and other times she can’t.

She knows what she has to do and trusts her choices.   

She’s strong and capable.

She gives herself permission to slow down…..and lean out.

No judgment.

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