Are You Being Misinterpreted?

Do you worry about being perceived in a negative way?

It’s often this fear that keeps my clients and other women from doing what they know they need to.

Avoiding self-promotion or asking for one because they don’t want to appear arrogant, demanding, entitled, etc…

Not wanting to follow up with a client because they don’t want to be interpreted as desperate, needy, pushy, etc….

Not wanting to have a challenging conversation because they don’t want to appear confrontational, demanding, etc…

These are all possible and potential outcomes. 

They are truths.

But, here are two new perspectives:

  1. There are other truths.  The ones above are all Negative Hypothetical Outcomes, NHOs. You are making them up. (You can read more about NHOs in last week’s post as Bad Habit #1.)
  2. Have you stopped to think how your inactions are being interpreted? What messages are you sending by avoiding taking action?


There is a strong likelihood that your inaction is being interpreted that you have low self-confidence, a lack of leadership capabilities, drive, ambition, etc….

Huge barriers to getting to where you want to go and also not your truth.

You are allowing your Autopilot response, the natural responses that dictate your actions, to sabotage your future.

Here are 3 simple steps to take to get back into the driver’s seat of your career and life to ensure you are showing up in this world as you want to be interpreted.

3 Questions to move you into action:

  1. How might your inaction be misinterpreted?
  2. What do you stand to gain from taking the action?
  3. What qualities do you get to own by taking this action?

It’s up to you to get out of your own way.  #GOOYOW

When you know better you can do better.

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