3 Habits that Will Limit Your Career and What You Can Do to Change

I was speaking with a client the other day who had lead her entire life with a deep desire and drive to prove herself, which she did time after time.  She strove for perfection and her track record was amazing.  She was a ‘go-to’ person. Everyone knew she’d get it done and well.

Despite her successes, accomplishments and promotions, she lacked a true belief in herself, which drove her need to please and prove.

She’s not alone. 

What’s truly amazing for me is to witness what can shift in such a short period of time.  Habits that we’ve practiced our entire lives can change.  Habits as deeply rooted as a fear of failure, a need to be perfect, a need to take on more despite the fact that you are already at your max, low belief in self, etc…

What’s the magic pill?

Owning the power of your choices.

Nothing around you is going to change, it’s just how you choose to navigate it that will.


So, what are you waiting for?

Too often it takes a horrible situation or a tragedy that gets us moving out of our own way.

Don’t let that be your trigger.

Change can happen in each moment.

I believe that the future we want for ourselves is created our everyday.   You get to choose in each moment how you feel and think about yourself, and how you want to show up in this world.

Here are 3 Common and Limiting Habits and their Antidotes so you can #GOOYOW. (Get Out of Your Own Way.)

1.     Negative “What ifs”.   These are your thoughts. The Negative Hypothetical Outcomes we anticipate that plague so many of us.  I call them NHOs.  If you stop and think, you are making them up.  You truly don’t know the outcome until you try or have done it, yet by default too many of us are committed to making up that the outcome will be negative.

Antidote: PHOs. Positive Hypothetical Outcomes.  If you are making up an outcome, there’s just as much chance that the outcome is favourable. I bet that if you were to look back at your track record a PHO would be the most likely outcome anyway.

When you get caught creating NHO, replace it with a PHO instead.

2.     Perfectionism.  This habit is so debilitating and impacts your Results. The only certainty with striving for perfection is that you’ll fail 100% of the time.

Antidote:  Owning that your perfectionism comes with a cost. How is your need to be perfect impacting your career and relationships?  What would you stand to gain by letting go of your need for perfection, as the need surfaces in your day-to-day?

In a recent conversation with a client she reframed and chose to replace her need to be perfect with “Owning and trusting that she truly gives it her all, and knows that if the outcome isn’t what she’d planned for, she will figure out how to do it differently next time.”

3.     Low Belief in Self.  If this resonates this is a habit that you are practicing.  I grew up second guessing myself and believing that I shouldn’t be proud of myself because it would be perceived that I had a big ego.  What I know now is that there’s no ego in believing in yourself.

Antidote:  Stop and look in the rearview mirror, at your life.  What do you want to acknowledge about yourself? What are you proud of?  These are your Truths. When you discount your Truths you are choosing not to own your power or the value you bring to the table.

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