Are you tired and uninspired?

The warmer weather helps, but our feelings are not just a product of the long and cold winter.

It’s actually what we are not doing that leaves us feeling this way.

It’s the fact that we keep going, going and going, doing, doing and doing, rarely taking the time to refuel, if at all.

This is what we do as working women.  Our plates are full and we just need to keep going.

We chalk it up as our reality and it often feels like not much can or will ever change.

We feel…..

Tired and Uninspired

This state of depletion became really clear to me while reading The Power of Full Engagement.  The authors have put words and context around what happens to me, and so many others, when we don’t take the time to refuel or to renew the energy that we are expending.

Most of us are living in a state of deficit.

The result: short fuses, lack of joy, motivation, ability to problem solve, adapt, feeling depleted, unappreciated, unproductive, etc…  Lovely by-products.

I know it feels like you have NO time to refuel.

You are spent.

But this is exactly why we are feeling this way.

When was the last time you did what fuels you? What you love to do that brings you total joy, where you feel unplugged and lifted?  If it was recently, think about how you (and most likely others) benefited from doing it.

Having just come off a weekend where I had fun with girlfriends, snowshoed, skied and read, coming back to into my day to day, I felt lighter, more joyful and had way more patience.  Our youngest daughter was pushing her dad’s buttons, but mine weren’t being pushed. I had bandwidth to choose to respond differently.

I lived what the authors were preaching and it’s the truth.

Think of it this way, Is the life you are living worth sacrificing the life you want to live?  Click to Tweet.

Here’s an opportunity to self-audit your past week.

1.  List what has consumed your energy.

2.  List what has renewed your energy.

If you were to extend your timeframe to include a whole year, I bet that your list for #1 would grow exponentially, but not your #2.

Every aspect of our life benefits when we take the time to nurture ourselves and re-introduce and re-commit to doing things that truly renew.

The absence of work isn’t enough to renew.

So ask yourself, what is something you used to do that brought you so much joy?  Dancing, singing, art, mountain biking, girls nights, learning a new language, yoga, cycling, boxing, etc…..

When was the last time you did it?

If you’ve been reading my blogs, you know I’m going to challenge you do to something differently… but I bet you are pushing back because it feels so frivolous.

Well you are wrong. 

Here’s your chance to see it for what it truly is.  You’ll never know until you try it. Until you take the time to prioritize and nurture yourself.

To put you and your needs at the same level or higher than those around you.

I dare you to try it at least once over the next 2 weeks.

Schedule it into your calendar and report back what you gained from just doing it. Use #GOOYOW in your update.

So, what is something you are going to commit to doing?

I already heard from Kim in our community who had written that she was going to run twice a week.

Kim if you are reading this, what have you gained from actually doing it?

If you are still hesitant or aren’t totally committed to doing something differently, then you should register for my upcoming free call THIS Thursday HERE If you can’t make it, I’ll record it and send.

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