My Unexpected Lessons from Jay-Z

Jay-Z has inspired me.

This past weekend I started reading his book Decoded after Vishen Lakhiani, a thought leader I respect, Tweeted the recommendation.

Ironically, it’s been lying on my husband’s bed side table for months.  At some point I had even flipped through but came to the conclusion it wasn’t for me.

I was wrong.

It was exactly what I needed to read.


From it, I have gained 2 Invaluable Lessons from Jay-Z.


I have so much to learn from other people who aren’t like me.

Who don’t think like me.

Think about who you choose to surround yourself with?  People who are similar to you…in their backgrounds, beliefs, interests, etc…

Without diversity of perspective we are missing out on other ways of looking at the world.  We are limiting ourselves.

There is so much value in seeing challenges and opportunities through a new lens.

The next time you are faced with one, what would change if you connected with someone who isn’t your typical ‘go to’?  Invest your time in seeking new perspective.

Based on all of the conversations happening in the media about Board Diversity, we know there’s a business case for corporations, but there’s also an opportunity for us within our own worlds.


This was a big one for me.

I love to feel inspired. 

I love reading about, watching or listening to stories about people who have truly overcome incredible odds.  I use their stories as catalysts to do better, to be better and to empower others.

My internal struggle has been that I don’t have a “story”.  I have a deep desire to help women create change, but who am I to inspire others.

I don’t have an extraordinary story.

I was never a victim of horrible or truly challenging circumstances.  I am a girl who grew up with support, love, privilege, an education, a loving family….

It was while reading Decoded this past weekend that I realized that I do have a story.

My story is about a deep desire to change the status quo.  Wanting more joy, more success, and to live more fully.

It’s about a knowing that I have been playing a much smaller game on this earth than I was meant to.

That my debilitating fear of failure had controlled me in so many ways, literally my entire life until recently.  I was afraid of people figuring out I wasn’t as smart, as nice or as even as good of an athlete as they thought I was.

I was only willing to live my life in my comfort zone where I could control or at least anticipate the outcomes.  Only do what I knew I was good at, so I never had to fail.

This is my story.

I knew that I was playing small but didn’t know how to do it differently, until I made the CHOICE to shift.

To move from being in the passenger’s seat of my life, to the driver’s seat.

For the first time I was willing to own the power of my choices and to trust in myself.  I was willing to Failing forward along the way, knowing that the next time will be different.

I have a passion to help women, who just like me, need to get out of their own way.

I believe that we are the biggest obstacles standing in our own way of whatever it is that we want for ourselves.  Nothing’s easy in life, but if we stop trying, we’ll never get it.

Thanks to Jay-Z, I now own my story and know that others just like me also want to change their current status quo.

I have been working at a book behind the scenes, not committing to publishing it, but I now realize that this is also part of my journey.

I am doing it.

I don’t know what the title will be, but I do know that it will be about how to create the futures we want in our Everyday.

I am letting you know because we are all on a journey.  Putting it out there holds me accountable and makes it even more real.

We may want different things for ourselves, but no matter what the details are, it’s about choosing to leave our comfort zones, and being willing to Fail forward. 

Let’s make this journey count!

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