Dare to Dream…Bigger

Dreaming doesn’t come easy to me.

I only started giving myself permission to dream a few years ago.

I avoided it at all costs out of a fear of not achieving whatever I may have aspired for.  I equated dreaming to setting goals, which I also avoided.

I didn’t want to fall short of them, to fail.

I can see the shortcomings of my old approach in how I operated my previous company Pippalily.  No clear direction of where I was going or what I was working towards. I chased shinny object, was easily distracted and wasn’t aware of the impact until after I had sold.

My old approach can be equated to taking a yearlong road trip without a final destination.

Spending a lot of time, energy and money but at the end of the year, in spite of some good times, may not be any further ahead than where I had started.


Recently, before our Canadian boys took to the ice against Russia to win GOLD at the World Junior Championships, my husband, our oldest kids and I had an incredible opportunity to be inspired by two exceptional Canadian athletes, Jennifer Botterill and Chris Pronger, in a Fireside chat hosted by RBC.

One of the vivid takeaways was when Jennifer shared a memory of a dinner with her father at the age of 15.  He asked her about her dreams. She told him she wanted to play for Canada in the Olympics, but didn’t know if she could do it.  His response was “Why not you!”.   She’s since won 3!

Her dream was bold.

It was going to take a lot of work without any guarantees, but she owned it anyway.

She allowed herself to dream BIG….and I realized that I too want to play BIGGER.

I now dream, but I realized I was still muting them. 

In that moment, I realized that despite the fact that I’ve been planning my 2015 when I look at my goals from this perspective I was still playing small.

I was limiting myself.

How about you?  Are you also playing small?

It’s not about discounting our original goals or desires for 2015, but what if they were stepping stones to something even bigger than we had acknowledged for ourselves for this year or in the future?

Let’s do this.

Let’s dream ……BIGGER than you may have already planned for (or maybe you haven’t yet) in 2015.


1.     Trust that it’s OK not to know exactly HOW it will happen.

2.     Ask Yourself:

  • What are some things that would be so incredibly delicious and amazing to have achieved or experienced in the years to come?
  • What do you want to accomplish this year that will position you to be well on your way?

3.     Write Them Down.

The process can be thrilling if you allow yourself.

Dare to Dream…..Bigger!

Here’s to an awesome 2015!!!

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