What are you tolerating?

No matter who I speak with, at work or in life, the common consensus is “Life is BUSY!”  Children or no children, we seem to fill our time.

My days are full with to dos but what I’m noticing is all of the wasted time.

I’m talking about the things that are consuming my time because I haven’t been bothered to deal with them.


Like the fact that my iPhone wasn’t syncing with my Outlook so I didn’t have access to my up-to-date calendar.  Adding one more step to every conversation because I’d have to circle back with them once I got back to my office. Argh.

Another example this past weekend I had to get something done that should have taken 5 min, but because my computer is moving at the pace of molasses these days, it ended up taking 30 min.  During that time I was so aware and frustrated that I was in my office on a Sat morning vs being with my family just because I haven’t dealt with my computer.

My phone not syncing and my computer being slow aren’t deal breakers, but they all add up as total time wasters that I am tolerating.

Can you relate?

It’s not just about technology.  What situations are you tolerating that eat up your time unnecessarily?

  • Does a colleague keep doing something that is making more work for you?
  • Do you get cc on a project or a string of emails that you really don’t need to be?
  • What about at home?

Here are 3 Steps to Stop Tolerating Time Wasters:

  1. Make your List:

Make a list of the things that you are tolerating at work and at home that are not adding any value to you, and that would free up time, decrease your annoyance level, etc…

  • Ask yourself:


What do you stand to gain by addressing these?

What will be the impact if nothing changes over the next month or two?


  • Challenge:


Here’s your challenge.  Address your list over the next week.  I will too!  Even if you can’t take the action, make a plan to when you can and book it into your calendar.

I’m SO done tolerating….and am claiming my time back.  How about you?

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