Are You Good Enough?

This week a client shared that she was offered a promotion that would mean leaving her comfort zone.

She’d be doing the same type of job, but in a new environment, with new colleagues, new clients and with a lot of unknowns.

She came to the call questioning if she was good enough for this new job.

Early on in our discussion she rarely acknowledged the reinforcing facts that they approached her, the service she provides for her clients, the positive things people say about her work, etc…

It’s incredible how often we default to thinking poorly about and questioning ourselves. 


I know she’s not alone, I hear it daily from clients and I do it too.

Most of us have been practicing this bad habit our entire lives.

So now it’s about making the choice to get out of our own way and to stop being debilitated by our own thoughts.

When our hypothetical questioning kicks in the trick is CATCH it and STOP. 

Staying in the negative keeps us from reaching our goals at work and in life.  When we choose to stay in the negative it just means we are feeding and perpetuating this bad habit.  We are literally nurturing it and continuing to role model to those who are paying attention.  Our peers, our team, our friends and family.

Here are 3 steps to Shut Down the Questioning:

1.    TURST:  What is your Truth? What can you trust about yourself and the situation?  I actually have a ‘go to’ thought which is:  “I trust that 6 months, 3 and 5 years from now I will be doing things differently, but in this moment I am more than good enough.”  Maybe you want one too?

2.    ASK: How will you feel one year from now if you don’t take action or take advantage of the opportunity?   Another way is to look back over your career and think about a previous situation when you did or didn’t shut down your limiting thoughts.  What can you take away from that experience?

3.   ACTION: The more we stretch into the discomfort of the unknown to take advantage of the opportunities that are outside of our comfort zones, the easier it becomes.  I know that both you and I have so much to gain from choosing to get out of our own way.

If you know that you are ready to stop avoiding and to start doing, then I’d LOVE to have you at my upcoming Dec. 3rd Talk in Toronto titled “Get Out of Your Own Way: How to take confident action, outside of your comfort zone, for exceptional results”  Bring a friend. You’ll both leave with tools to help you to continue to practice owning the fact that you are more than good enough!