Who Are We to Forget

I feel very emotional today.

A mixture of three feelings. Feeling humbled, almost inadequate and grateful.

Humbled by the courage of so many.

Inadequate by the sheer number of people who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for all of us.

The magnitude is overwhelming. This image from the Globe and Mail was a profound reminder.


It is of an art installation, in the 10-hectare moat of the Tower of London, where each poppy represents one fallen soldier from the Great War.  900,000 soldiers and 66,000 of them Canadians. These numbers aren’t inclusive of any other war.

Grateful that today is marked with so much intent, engagement and recognition.

I am grateful that my five year old stopped to tell me about the poppy’s significance. I am grateful for the beautiful Remembrance Day assembly at our children’s school that brought me to tears.

It was then that I was reminded of our huge responsibility as citizens to never forget.

Who are we to forget.

With intense gratitude I thank all of the past and present, men and women who serve for us.