Are You Good Enough?

This week a client shared that she was offered a promotion that would mean leaving her comfort zone.

She’d be doing the same type of job, but in a new environment, with new colleagues, new clients and with a lot of unknowns.

She came to the call questioning if she was good enough for this new job.

Early on in our discussion she rarely acknowledged the reinforcing facts that they approached her, the service she provides for her clients, the positive things people say about her work, etc…

It’s incredible how often we default to thinking poorly about and questioning ourselves. 


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Setting Boundaries Isn’t Selfish

I have come to realize that boundaries are really important.

Boundaries help me to survive and thrive so that I don’t feel like I’m drowning and can create the space to do what’s actually important to me.

Boundaries were never roll modeled for me.  I was born into a family of women who were super human.  My primary role models were my mom and her identical twin sister.  The two of them did everything for everyone, but last of all for themselves. I have memories of my mom staying up ironing until 2 a.m.

Where’s the joy in that!

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Letting Go of Control: 3 Questions to Get You Started

Are you controlling?

My initial response would be “no”, but when I stop and really think about my actions the truth is “yes, I am controlling”.

Yes, I feel the need to ‘help’ drive when my husband pulls up to a stop light behind other cars, when a second lane is wide open.

Yes, I feel the need to plan my kids’ snacks when they head out with their dad because I figure he’ll just buy treats.

Yes, I will move around the dishes my husband has put in the dishwasher to be more efficient.

I could go on…but I have a suspicion that you might relate.

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