Using Gratitude as a Tool For Success

Canadian Thanksgiving weekend has just come to a close.

What I love about this past weekend is that it creates a time when we intentionally focus on what we are grateful for.

I believe that no matter what our circumstances are, everybody has something to be grateful for.

Even in my toughest moments, gratitude is what has helped me navigate through.

When our middle child was 2 weeks old and hospitalized with Meningitis. We were in hospital for over a month, with my husband working, a two year old at home, and me trying to run Pippalily.  Trying times!  I remember my husband and I choosing what we focused on very carefully and that was about how grateful we were to be at a Canadian children’s hospital where he was getting the best care in the world.

Gratitude saved us from spending too much time in dark and negative places.

I use gratitude to help me get out of my own way at work and in life, so that I can continue to move forward.

I use gratitude as a Tool.


Just last week I was speaking with a client. She was incredibly frustrated by one of her team member’s actions that would potentially impact her short term goals.  She had every right to be angry and frustrated.

What she realized was that stewing in the details of what transpired wasn’t helping her.  That this is also an opportunity to address an issue that was bound to surface again and that thankfully there wasn’t something bigger on the line.

The details didn’t change, just what she was choosing to focus on.

Yes, we are totally entitled to feel whatever comes authentically to us. It’s not about pretending everything perfect, but there’s such an opportunity to move past those feelings of frustration, sadness, anger, into ones that are in service to us.

Gratitude is about the power of our choices.

Gratitude can be part of your success Toolkit.

Each day, week and year will go by. It’s up to us to be purposeful through them.  It’s our choice to stay head down, on the treadmill of life, or to slow down to come up for air and choose to notice the things around us.

There’s a correlation between happiness and success.   Don’t just take it from me.  Shawn Achor, a Harvard professor and graduate describes it best in this TedTalk:  “The Happy Secret to Better Work.”

Who is kidding who, people like to be around and work with happy and kind people.

People who choose to find new perspectives.

Here are 3 Ways to Bring Gratitude into your Day:

  1.  NEW HABITS: Acknowledge, or even better, write down 3 things from your day that you are grateful for. Don’t duplicate the same things daily.  For those of you who have children in your worlds, this is such a gift to introduce them to gratitude.
  2. NOTICE: On your way to work, during the day or on your way home, pay attention.  Is there something that you’ve never stopped to notice?  Something cool, beautiful, simple, etc…something that puts a smile on your face?
  3. SHARE:  I have just started to integrate social media into my life.  When I think about it, the majority of posts I see have to do with what people are grateful for, or content that inspire and serves others.  Social media gives us the opportunity to be inspired by or be reminded of what we may have not been noticing in our own lives.

If you are inclined to use social media, let’s start posting and sharing about what you are grateful for to remind you to keep Getting Out of Your Own Way.

Posting is not only for you, it may be exactly what someone else needed to see and be reminded of.

Use the hashtags #gratitude and #GOOYOW. (Hashtags allow people to search social media by topic or theme. To see whoever is talking about the same thing)

If you are inspired by what you see “Like it”.

Acknowledging people is a wonderful gift to give them.