Expectations – 3 Steps to Managing Your Own For Success

I’m not a yogi. Haven’t been in over 9 years.

In keeping with my plan from “3 Steps to a New Beginning” one of my goals was to prioritize my strength, so I signed up for one yoga class.

I have been a runner my whole life and I figured I’d be ok. But I wasn’t.

I couldn’t even keep my arms up during poses and I kept having to stand up before my legs gave out. I ate a big piece of humble pie in the class and it sparked this post.

My expectations were TOTALLY unrealistic.

I got my butt kicked in a Joga class. My friend Jana Webb is the creator of this unique athletic yoga designed for athletes that is awesome and hard.

Why should I have expected a stellar performance when I’m literally starting from scratch.

For those of you who also like to be good at what you do, I was reminded of these 3 Steps to managing my own expectations and thought they might resonate with you too.

They apply to business and life.


1.    SUCCESS IS BUILT. One step at a time.

We have progressed in our careers and businesses because we’ve built and developed our skills over time, one failure, one promotion, one pitch, one sale at a time, etc….

I was reminded that it’s about repeated action with forward momentum that generates the results that I want….at Joga, at work and in life.


It’s not about lowering our goals, but being honest with ourselves. It’s about giving our best, but also managing our expectations in the moment. Not being too harsh and trusting that next time, it will be/you will do better.

We are always building.

3.   TIME:

I often forget to remind myself of this element I can’t control called TIME.

We are on a journey at work and in life, and sometimes the outcomes we want take time.

We often hear about ‘overnight successes’ but in reality, these people have been working at success for a long time.

For me, it’s about taking action, having patience and trusting that success will follow.

This is my wish for you too!