3 Questions to Minimize Your Fear and Take Action

I did it.

I faced my fear.

Yes, it’s my job to help professional women to Get Out of Their Own Way….and I too have to practice what I preach.

I was sitting on the ledge.  Wanting to go into unchartered territories…but avoiding.  I have a goal of launching P.O.W.E.R Advisory Boards within corporations.  An opportunity for professional women, across business units, to connect and learn from each other’s experiences.

To stop trying to figure it out alone. 

I know that shared experiences decrease learning curves and increase results. But most importantly, they create the opportunity for women to expand their networks, authentically, with other like-minded, ambitious women, who want to thrive as a whole, at work and in life.

Despite the fact that I know how impactful, effective and helpful this is, I wasn’t taking action.  I was scared.


Not wanting to put it out there, out of fear.  A fear of failing in front of a group of intelligent and accomplished women.

How about you? Can you think of something in your life you aren’t doing or are avoiding?  At work or in  your personal life?  Something you know that you ‘should’ or even really want to, but you aren’t because of FEAR?



Worrying about what people say?

Not being good enough?

Looking stupid?

If I haven’t covered yours… fill in the blank here: “My fear is of……………..….”

FEAR is a feeling that will continue to surface throughout work and life. No matter what.

But I now don’t see it as a bad thing.  I see it more as an indicator that I’m choosing to live outside of my comfort zone.

That’s why I chose to just do it!  To take1 action. To be 1 step closer to my Goal.

Here are 3 Questions that you too can Ask Yourself to Minimize Fear and Take Action:


Name it.  The action you know you aren’t doing.  It’s important to distill your fear into specific actions, so you can start taking them one at a time.


What story are you making up about taking your action?  Obviously it’s a negative story. Here’s the deal, you have NO idea what the outcome is, but you assume it’s going to be negative! You are making it up, so make up stories that work for you!

You will remain the biggest obstacle in your own way if you continue to assume your outcomes are going to be negative.


What’s waiting for you on the other side? Seriously, by taking the action, what are you moving towards?  Isn’t taking the action worth being one step closer to your Goal?

On the flip side, how will it feel 1 year from now if nothing changes? 

Just saying…..

These questions are like a dose of Opportunity.  Of New Perspectives. 

It’s choosing New Perspectives that will continue to help us Get Out of Our Own Way!