Doing Things Your Way

Happy Canada Day!

This past weekend the five of us were playing an outdoor game called Ring Toss. We were introduced to it last summer in Nova Scotia. It’s simple but hard. You literally have to toss a ring into a small circle that’s 18 ft away.

I love playing games with my kids or anyone for that matter. But I’m not into the imaginary play. On the floor with figurines, no thanks. That’s why we gave our kids siblings.

When I play I try my hardest.

I don’t ‘let’ my kids win, although they beat me all of the time.

We spend so many hours each week at their sports that I believe they too should know that their mom can play!

So this weekend, when it came time to choosing the two Ring Toss teams, you can imagine that our four year old wasn’t the #1 pick;)

She ended up on our team.

Her throw was totally unorthodox.

She danced as she threw. Raising her leg, swinging her body. Totally joyful.

No focus.

No method.

No apparent aim.

But she kept scoring.

She kept us in the lead for the first half of the game. No joke.

Scott and I laughed. Who would have thought that she would have kicked our butts!

She’s totally unconventional. Not doing what the rest of us were trying to do.

But it worked.

It got me thinking that just because others are doing something, doesn’t make it right for you.

So often, this comes up at work.

I can think of a client who was being groomed within the banks for 15 years. She knew what she was being pushed towards, but when she stopped to think about it, she realized that’s not what she wanted. It was what others had always done. What she wanted was actually something different within the bank. So she went for it, and got it.

How about you?

Is there something in your life that you are doing just because others are or want you to?

Is there something that you want to start doing differently? Your own way?

Just know, that your way can be more impactful than ‘their’ way.