2 Tips To Make Your Summer Count

The school year has just ended, or is about to, for many of us. The kids are excited….but I can’t necessarily say the same for their parents.

As a working mother, in the past I have felt very challenged by the summer months. Trying to juggle my career ambitions and goals, with the desire to be a present and engaged mom.


No matter if you are a parent, or not, you can use this post to set your intentions for the next few months, to help make your summer months count.

The truth is, September is going to roll around pretty darn quickly and I don’t want to repeat the same mistake of last summer.

I wasted too much time worrying about the things I wasn’t doing.

If I was spending a lot of time with my family, I was WASTING time worrying that I wasn’t working enough. When I was working, I was WASTING time feeling like I wasn’t spending enough time with my family.

So, for this year, I have taken the time to get clear about exactly what I want to do, and don’t want to do, and then have to choose to let the ‘worrying’ go.

For you, is this summer the time of year when you want to hunker down and get things done? Or maybe it’s about carving out time to have more fun? Time with friends on a patio or a dock, leaving early, shutting your phone off, etc….




Take the time to think about what will make the next few months feel really successful for you. The irony, is that for my upcoming summer, my R.O.I has nothing to do with anything I can quantify.

Worrying about the things I wasn’t doing was a WASTE of my time. The lesson here for me is to be specific, narrowing my priorities and shelving those that aren’t my focus.

It can be simple. For one of my clients, it’s literally setting her desk alarm to leave by a certain hour. For another, she’s downloaded an image of a beautiful door as her screen saver. At the end of each day, she’s reminded to shut down her work and ‘close the door’, to leave work behind.


When I was a kid, I anticipated each summer because it was filled with things I never got to do….until the school year came to an end. I loved my summers. Sleep overs, time at our farm in Pictou County Nova Scotia with my cousins, my weeks at a YMCA camp in New Brunswick, etc….

Here’s an opportunity for you to do something differently.

Is there something you have been meaning to do or see, but haven’t? What would bring you joy or make you really happy?

Here’s your chance to switch things up and do it.

For me, it’s exploring Toronto. I love how diverse and eclectic our city is, but during the year I do not get out enough. So this summer, I am scheduling some adventures into my calendar for my family and I. Nothing fancy, just switching it up!

Do the things that when September rolls around you will look back and know that you have made your summer count.

2 thoughts on “2 Tips To Make Your Summer Count

  1. Funny, I’ve spent my day thinking of our summer and how to live it presently and with peace. You are a wise woman and a great coach. Thanks for sharing… I’m choosing to live, breathe, laugh and relax this summer… Even with the move! Xx

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