Trading perfection for results

An unsolicited email from a few days ago fueled this post.

Imagine how different life would feel if we stopped taxing ourselves with a need to be perfect? To be superhuman.

Living this way is exhausting and debilitating, and doesn’t lead to much joy.

Intellectually we ‘know’ that nobody is perfect, so why are we afraid to admit it and are often embarrassed by it?

The email I received highlighted the negative perception too many of us carry around about not having “it all together”.

The email was from a professional woman who wanted to get promoted and knew that she needed to work on a few things.

What was disheartening was that her ‘ask’ came with a veil of silence.

Her choice perspective about asking for help was seen as a weakness.

I believe the opposite is true.

Looking for outside expertise or perspectives is an opportunity to change whatever it is that’s keeping us stuck. To me this demonstrates a determination and a willingness to change the status quo so we can do better.


1. GENERATES AN ROI: Taking the strategic time to focus on improving how you operate, and navigate work and life can generate huge quantifiable and unquantifiable returns, for both you and your company.

2. EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE HAVEN’T GOTTEN THERE ALONE: Think about some of the greatest leaders, athletes, entrepreneurs and professionals….they all surround themselves with smart people who know more about certain things than they do, experts, Board of Directors, coaches, etc…people who help them achieve their exceptional results.

3. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT WE DON’T KNOW: You will continue to repeat the same behaviours and achieve the same outcomes unless you figure out new ways of doing things. My life and business transformed when I started to ask for help from peers and professionals. When I started to surround myself with experts in areas I knew I wanted to grow in.

We aren’t perfect.

The world actually doesn’t expect us to be.

There’s so much to be gained by owning that we aren’t.

At a meeting, networking, client event, party, who do you gravitate to, or resonates with you? In my world, it’s women who are authentic, and don’t pretend they have it all figured out.

So now that we all know we aren’t perfect, let’s enhance our game!

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