Who needs to know?

Last week my coach and I were talking about the goals that I was working towards. Luckily, I think about them often, so I could answer her questions. The irony is that it wasn’t long ago that I would have had NO clue. I would have manipulated the conversation so that I didn’t have to define anything.

My approach then was to trust that I was working really hard and whatever results I achieved were the best I could do.

That was a cop out.

My response was totally based in fear. I didn’t want to define a goal, because then I had the chance of not reaching it, of failing.

Thank goodness I am no longer afraid to fail, but that’s a whole other post: http://bit.ly/PNj5ov

Clarity around where I want to end up, achieve, helps me to set my path. Knowing what needs to happen so that I am moving in the right direction….vs chasing shiny objects that may be sending me in circles.

I think of it as a lighthouse. A clearly defined destination, where I can expect to navigate currents, obstacles, bad weather, etc…while I am making my way there.

The irony is that despite the fact that I am so clear about what I am creating, offering and achieving, I have been keeping it to myself. It isn’t reflected anywhere.

How would prospective companies know if I don’t tell them?

How will your influencers know if YOU don’t tell them?

Now that I realize my shortcoming, my commitment is to update my website and social media profiles to reflect what I do. That I have an entire corporate offering, in addition to what I have been doing individuals.
That I create value add and interactive client experiences on behalf of corporations that deliver on specific and quantifiable calls to action. That I have created a System that is a Results Accelerator, equipping employees with the Tools they need to generate exceptional results for themselves and their company’s bottom line.

What I also realized is that I can’t get there myself. I am not the only decision maker who will impact my success or results, and nor are you.

So who needs to know? For me, it’s my current and prospective clients. For you, it may be more about players within your company.

So, what about you? Once you know where you want to end up, what you want to achieve….

Answer these two questions: 1.WHO? 2. WHAT?

WHO needs to know WHAT you are doing?

I don’t have specific answers for you because no two paths are identical. What I can do is help you to brainstorm. Here are a bunch of questions to help you start thinking about WHO needs to know and WHAT.

1. WHO:

Who are the people that will impact your progress?

Nobody is going to take ownership of helping you achieve your goals. You need to be in the driver’s seat to make it happen.

So WHO needs to know:

  • About your goals, ambitions?
  • About the role or title you are working towards?
  • What projects you want to work on next?
  • What leadership role do you want to have?
  • Etc….

2. WHAT:

People also need to know WHAT you do and WHAT you are good at. You can’t just assume they’ll figure it out.

It has nothing to do about being arrogant and bragging, but when decision time comes for promotions, new accounts, new roles, new clients, etc…. the decision makers want to know that you are the best candidate.

So let’s brainstorm:

  • Did you just receive a great email from a client that you want to share with decision makers right away, or strategically save until later?
  • Do you need to update your internal company profile so that it reflects all of your accomplishments to date?
  • Do you keep a “Kudos” type folder so that all of the positive feedback you get from colleagues, clients, bosses, etc…. is in one place for when you need to rely on it.
  • Did you receive an award or accolade that your clients or supervisor should know about?
  • Did you just win a big case, or have a great outcome that your clients or influencers would benefit from knowing about?
  • Are your social media profiles, website up to date and reflect exactly what you do?

If something surfaced while reading these questions, I challenge you to just do it! To book the meeting or take the action that will get the ball rolling. It’s a process, things take time, but I know I get so much more from being in action, than sitting, stewing and thinking about it.

The ball is in your court to figure out Who needs to know! What are you going to do?

We’d love to hear from you. On our FB page  https://www.facebook.com/turner.coaching.9  , or below.

 Or come back and celebrate what you did and the outcome!

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