Don’t wait for Cancer

I’m sitting here, shivering, in my hospital gown, scribbling this post while I am waiting for another checkup.

I am being monitored.

I am ok. I am healthy.

On my way to this appointment, it dawned on me – WHY would I want to wait for Cancer to become bolder and braver, to be more courageous?

To be willing to disrupt!

I am not talking about quitting my job, leaving my husband, etc…. That’s not what needs to change for me.

It doesn’t have to be drastic.

I can hear my mom’s voice in my head “The pain has to get bad enough for things to change.” Yes, this is true, but WHY wait?

Just like when we waited to install the baby gates until our baby fell down the stairs.

Just like when we were talking about getting an alarm system, but waited until we had an incident to get one.

Knowing that I want to do something differently and waiting around is not doing me any favours.  There’s never a perfect moment. 

When I ask people who have made changes in their lives, some drastic and others small simple steps, what they wish they’d known then that they know now? Their response “I wished I hadn’t waited. That I had done it sooner.”

I’m NOT waiting for Cancer and I bet you don’t want to either.

If you are ready to STOP waiting and starting doing, your timing is perfect to come and Reboot with me.

My bigger and bolder move is to host my upcoming event called Your Strategic Reboot for professional women in Toronto.

This event is for you if:
• You have compromised and sacrificed over the last 10+ years working really hard to achieve results for yourself and your company.

• You are juggling so many balls, that you know you need to figure out which ones are your priorities NOT to drop.

• You are tired of reinventing the wheel, figuring things out alone, and WANT to know how others are navigating the same challenges you are currently facing.

• You want to expand your network, authentically, with other motivated professional women.

• You are ready to listen and share experiences, battle wounds and all, to help others avoid the same mistakes, to shorten their learning curves and generate results.

• You have lived your corporate life, nose down, in the thick of it all, and it’s time to come up for a breath, to make sure you are headed where you REALLY want to go.

If this resonates, be sure to reserve your seat at my upcoming Your Strategic Reboot event.  Click here:

I will lead you through an interactive, productive and unique process that will get you out of your day-to-day mindset so you can focus on your true priorities. You will also have the chance share and learn from your peers how they have navigated the same or similar scenario that you are currently facing.

 You will leave this event with:
1. CLARITY: Getting really clear on what’s important to you at work and in life, so that these priorities become your results.
2. CONNECTIONS: Expanding your network with amazing women in productive and authentic ways.

Date: Thursday, May 1st, 2014
Time: 12-2:30 p.m. Lunch will be served.
Investment: Early Bird $149 +tax (until April 15), Regular $199 + taxes
Location: Canoe Restaurant – 66 Wellington St. West, 54th floor TD Bank Tower.

Spaces are limited! RESERVE YOUR SEAT HERE:

Please forward this email to other amazing women in your network who you think would benefit from leaving their day-to-day to purposefully Reboot!

One thought on “Don’t wait for Cancer

  1. To my thoughtful readers….thank you so much for your thoughtful emails.

    I truly trust that I am healthy.

    It’s a process that I am going through.

    The impetus of this post was my intense realization that ‘what the fuck’ am I waiting for!

    I’m all good. Promise.

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