What’s behind your curtain?

When I was speaking with a client the other day, the analogy of her performing behind a curtain came to mind.

In getting to know her, I see how talented, competent, intelligent, engaging, etc… she is but it’s all being muted by this “curtain”. It’s all there, but the right people can’t see it.

Her boss is her curtain.

Hampering her ability to truly shine, to bring more to her company and to achieve more for herself.

Here’s short video capturing the essence of this post. http://youtu.be/clXMMLC9j28

I too have a curtain.

I know that I have been playing it safe.

There is one thing I have wanted to do, but have avoided it so far. Lots of reasons why, but I now know my reasons are excuses.

What is behind your curtain? If you were to draw it back, move it aside, stand fully present, center stage, what would you do differently? Or, what would you want others to see and know of you?

In writing this I can think of a friend whose answer would literally be “to sing”. Something she loves to do, but hasn’t for so long out of fear. For my client it would be to find the opportunities to work directly with the CEO.

Your action doesn’t have to be related to work, it can also be about life.

Work and life are not mutually exclusive! We all know they bleed into and influence each other.

Here’s the thing.

The details around you aren’t going to change. It’s what you choose to do with them that will.

SO….what are you going to do differently?

Trust that this post has come at the perfect time for you. This was the reminder you needed to Just Do It!

I’d love to hear what it is you are courageously going to do? You can leave a comment here or post on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/turner.coaching.9

If you are too afraid to take action, think about the worst case scenario. Truly, go down that route…and see what’s the worst thing that could happen? Maybe it’s not so bad?

Here’s mine. I am commitment is hosting an event in downtown Toronto.

It is called Your Strategic Reboot and it is designed for corporate women with over 10+ years of experience, who know that they would benefit from:

  • Leaving their day-to-day to focus on what’s important to them at work and life, so that these priorities become their results.
  • Expanding their network, authentically, with other like-minded professional women.
  • Learning from your peers how they truthfully navigated the exact or similar challenges you are currently facing. Maybe you are preparing to ask for a promotion,  you have a frustrating boss or colleagues, you are juggling family, etc…. whatever the topic is.

There is so much value in learning from shared experiences.

Hearing how others have navigated allows you to decrease your learning curve, enhance your outcomes and avoid potential pitfalls.

And who is kidding who, it also allows you to connect as human beings and peers , in a productive and authentic way.

The timing is late April, early May from 9:30 -12 in a downtown location.

This is something I believe so strongly in and I am psyched to have you and your peers participate!

If you want to be sure you receive the event details, send me an email at victoria@turnercoaching.com and I will make sure you get them.

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