Don’t wait for Cancer

I’m sitting here, shivering, in my hospital gown, scribbling this post while I am waiting for another checkup.

I am being monitored.

I am ok. I am healthy.

On my way to this appointment, it dawned on me – WHY would I want to wait for Cancer to become bolder and braver, to be more courageous?

To be willing to disrupt!

I am not talking about quitting my job, leaving my husband, etc…. That’s not what needs to change for me.

It doesn’t have to be drastic.

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What’s behind your curtain?

When I was speaking with a client the other day, the analogy of her performing behind a curtain came to mind.

In getting to know her, I see how talented, competent, intelligent, engaging, etc… she is but it’s all being muted by this “curtain”. It’s all there, but the right people can’t see it.

Her boss is her curtain.

Hampering her ability to truly shine, to bring more to her company and to achieve more for herself.

Here’s short video capturing the essence of this post.

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I am not afraid to fail…anymore

My parents were incredibly loving, supportive and kind, but what I now realize is that they never talked to me about their day to day lives, their work, their challenges and most definitely NEVER about failing.

At a young age I deduced that you are either Perfect or you Fail.

To me, it was very black and white, no grey area.

I had no idea that my dad made mistakes and got over them.

I had no idea if my mom ever tried to do something she was afraid of.

What I do know is that I would have made different choices throughout my life if I hadn’t been afraid to fail.

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