Just friggin do it!

This week I am in LA with Scott at a YPO conference.  There are approximately 3000 presidents of companies and their spouses from all over the world coming together for the purpose of 1. Education and 2. Shared Experiences.  It’s truly amazing.

Last night we had drinks under the space shuttle endeavor.   Here’s a view from underneath.


We were also able to squeeze in a visit with my older sister and her family, who live here, and my mom – who has been here for almost one month and is about to head home.

The conversation that inspired this video has nothing to do with business….and everything at the same time. It’s titled “Just friggin do it.”  http://youtu.be/n1lNQymuNHI

It was a conversation that I overheard between my mom and my sister about my mom’s need to call the really lovely man who was taking care of her dog.  She was feeling badly that she hadn’t called and had essentially been avoiding it.

What I took away from the conversation is a reminder to: Stop talking about it, validating all of the reasons why you are avoiding your action.

You know it has to be done, so Just Friggin Do it….then figure out your next steps.

What have you been talking circles about, but not doing it? Totally avoiding?

Use today as a reminder to get it done.

No matter if you like the content of these weekly Tuesday emails, what would change at work or in your life if you used them as a weekly reminder to take action.

To do what is important to you at life and in work?

Just a thought!

The end of each week, month, year will come, but imagine the outcome of a year having taken purposeful action. 

What would be different 1 year from now with weekly, purposeful action?

Just saying;)

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