Start living your obituary

Last week I attended a great WXN speaker’s series, with a moderated panel of two great entrepreneurs.  One of the great women said something that really resonated with me. 

She talked about ‘living your obituary’.

She’s a mother of 4, runs a successful construction business, has navigated a health scare, and only has 24 hours in her day.

During the panel she talked about how choosing to serve lunch at her kids’ school a few times/week wasn’t living her obituary, but spending quality time was.  Realizing that often we get wound up in activity that isn’t adding value to our lives.

I see this Living Obituary acting like a lens, helping me filter how I choose to spend my time

Here are 3 tips to help us all remember to be living our Obituary:


What is a time and energy zapper during your week that isn’t adding value to you or what’s important to you?  Can you outsource, delegate, say no….?

For her, one thing was serving lunches at school.

For me this past weekend I was faced with a scenario that I knew I could help a friend, to make her life a little easier.

But it would have meant sacrificing my family time.  In the past, I wouldn’t have hesitated out of a fear that I would have been judged as selfish or unhelpful.

Using this “Living my Obit” lens, helped me know that it was ok to not step in, even thought I could, because it would have meant stepping away from my family.


It’s ok to say NO and NOT feel guilty about it.

Trust that the decisions you are making are truly what’s best for you. If someone gets hot and bothered by it, it most likely has nothing to do with you,  and everything thing to do with them.

What have you been asked to do that you REALLY don’t want to?  That you know you are sacrificing something that is important to you, in order to do what is important to someone else?

Here’s a chance.  Role model for your team, colleauges, family, etc…. Role model to say no and trust that it doesn’t make you any less of a motivated and competent professional, a caring friend, loving partner.


What is 1 thing that you can start doing differently today that would be in line with living how you want to be remembered?

For me, it’s PLAYING BIGGER!  During this breakfast panel I was reminded that people with exceptional lives make exceptional decisions. They step outside of their comfort zones, in spite of the fear.  So today, I am going to pitch hard.  Truly trust in what I have to offer the banks. Maybe I’ll fail forward, but what I know now is that I will never regret taking action, but I will ALWAYS regret NOT taking the action.


What resonated for you? How will you start to live more in line with how you want to be remembered?  I’d love to hear from you!

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