The Value of Sharing

I freakin’ love the amazing outcomes that transpire when you bring a group of motivated and intentional women together.  

Some of my most favourite memories are from times with girlfriends, sitting around, drinking wine and sharing.  Talking authentically about our lives. What’s working, what’s not, whatever……. No pretenses, no need to pretend we are anything but ourselves.

This morning, I was reminded of the value of sharing as I facilitated a Lean In Circle for The Women’s Executive Network .  These women came in as strangers and left connected.

The connections were created by their willingness to share.  Their stories, their challenges and triumphs.

We'd love to hear yours...

We’d love to hear yours…

I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to bring incredible women together, in the spirit of wanting to live our best lives.  To have amazing careers but not at the expense of everything else that is important to us – typically our health and relationships.

My truth: the intention of this blog is to create a space for conversation. A place to learn, to share, to celebrate, etc….  However I am failing. Failing to ignite the conversation.

My question to you is, what do you want to talk about? What do you want to hear about?

What is on your mind?

What is currently standing in your way of living the best version of your life?

What’s your biggest challenge?

Trust that in sharing, you will be heard, acknowledged and the catalyst for important conversations.

Whatever you are currently experiencing, so are SO many others.

I invite you to share.

The simple act of sharing is in service to others.

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