Your Negative Inner Voice – Shutting it down for Results

Does a negative Voice in your head ever leave you feeling deflated, less than empowered, like you suck?

Do you ever second guess yourself after a pitched, once you’ve left a meeting, handed in a proposal, etc..?

Do you ever focus on the one negative piece of feedback and negate all of the other positive feedback you’ve received?

It may be hard to believe, but you CAN shut this Voice down.

Allowing this negative, annoying and deflating Voice inside your head to dictate how you feel about yourself is SO limiting and I now know that’s it’s such a waste of my time.

The truth is, this little Voice used to control most aspect of my life.  That’s why, in my previous life (as I Iike to refer to it) I would chose to play it safe. Stick to doing what I knew I could do quite well. Things that I could somewhat anticipate the outcome of the action.

Can you relate?

This limiting and obnoxious Voice kept me in my comfort zone.  For those who have worked with me, or heard me speak….I truly believe you can’t live your best life unless you take purposeful steps outside of your comfort zone.

So here’s a Tip to start shutting down the Voice.

Tip #1:: “What is my truth?”

When you hear the Voice, ask yourself “Is this true? What is my truth?”

For example I recently hosted a workshop for a corporate client and chose to focused on one piece of feedback out of the dozen (that wasn’t even necessarily negative, it just wasn’t GLOWING).  I allowed my thoughts to be consumed by it, started to question the value I brought to the program, etc…  What a waste of my time!  When I asked myself about my Truths, I can trust that I did great work, and that both the participants and stakeholders derived value.  There’s always space for improvement, so I can listen to the feedback and grow, and choose not to have it stop me in my tracks!

You can even put pen to paper to capture your Truths. Especially when you are in the middle of guessing yourself.  You not only benefit from writing it down, but also by just taking the time to Stop, Think and Trust.

When the next situation arises, maybe you are right in the middle of it, ask yourself, “What do I know is true about me?  In the way you live and work, your values, the type of person you are (as it relates to the negative thoughts you are having)?

Every time you hear the Voice, know you are CHOOSING to listen to it.  Choosing to feel disempowered.  There is a choice because the Truths you’ve just acknowledged about yourself most likely contradict what the Voice is saying.  It’s your choice. What do you want to listen to?  Yourself and where you are headed, or the Voice?

What are your Tips? Can you share a recent scenario (that I can guarantee you others will have also experienced, so there’s NO judgment) and what you did to help you move past/through it?

ON a side note:

1) For me, giving plays a huge part in me living my best life.  Anybody want to join me in supporting some very deserving women? It’s Dress for Success’s 3rd Annual Fundraiser. I’ll be there….let me know if you can come too!   If you aren’t in Toronto, there’s also a way to donate to support women who are working hard to create change in their lives.


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