Knowing When to Say Yes and When to Say No!

I am back much later than I said I would be and here’s why.

Can you relate to having full plates, wearing a tone of hats and knowing that you can’t possibly do it all?

That was me post summer when I returned from holiday.   I knew I needed to sit down and become REALLY clear on what it was that I wanted to achieve in life and work, so that I knew what I needed to focus on during my day.  Taking the time to clearly see where I wanted to be in September 2014 allowed me to know what I could say NO to, and what I could say YES to those actions that would truly have an impact on achieve my goals.  I call them True Priorities vs Busy Priorities. 


To be honest, in my previous life, running my Pippalily business, I didn’t have a plan.  Retrospectively I realize most of my time was spent on Busy prioritiesThose that really didn’t move the dial.  They sure made me feel that I was busy, but truly they were not helping me to generate results.

Each day I would address what was right in front of me, dealing with it in the moment, not ever taking the time to acknowledge if it was a strategic thing to be doing…let alone the fact that I would default to doing the things I knew I was good at…avoiding those that were outside of my comfort zone.    

I didn’t have a plan or any goals!

I now see that I was afraid to dream. To really claim what I wanted for my business and myself. I was worried about not living up to it. I kept telling myself the excuse that I was doing everything I could, so why would I want to quantify my goals, or be really specific because if I didn’t achieve them I’d feel deflated or that I failed.

I now see the irony that transpired.  The plan WAS what set me free and allowed me to generate exceptional results.  To now clearly see what I can say Yes to (taking action on what’s truly going to drive my business), or what to say No to ( the actions that are not helping me to achieve my goals).

Just last week I spent one hour updating the language on my website, then I caught myself and said “What am I doing?”.  This isn’t helping me hit my monthly targets.  So I stopped!

So here’s your chance acknowledge what you want to say Yes to and No to. Fill in the blanks:

I am saying YES to…….

I am saying NO to…..

Think of this as accountability for yourselves to help you move the dial! I am…so I’ll go first.

I am saying YES to…… hosting a results focused, intimate planning workshop at my home for motived women who are ready to create a really clear plan! (If this resonates with you, spaces are limited to 10 so take action quickly

I am saying NO to…..staying in my comfort zone. So I AM going to create a Speaker’s Page for Meeting Planners to be able to book my “Get Out of Your Own Way: How to take confident action outside of your comfort zone to generate accelerate your career and build your business”  for Conference Breakout Sessions.

How about you????  We’d love to hear from you!  Imagine using this as accountability. Every Tuesday you are going to commit to taking action!

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