Your Negative Inner Voice – Shutting it down for Results

Does a negative Voice in your head ever leave you feeling deflated, less than empowered, like you suck?

Do you ever second guess yourself after a pitched, once you’ve left a meeting, handed in a proposal, etc..?

Do you ever focus on the one negative piece of feedback and negate all of the other positive feedback you’ve received?

It may be hard to believe, but you CAN shut this Voice down.

Allowing this negative, annoying and deflating Voice inside your head to dictate how you feel about yourself is SO limiting and I now know that’s it’s such a waste of my time.

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Knowing When to Say Yes and When to Say No!

I am back much later than I said I would be and here’s why.

Can you relate to having full plates, wearing a tone of hats and knowing that you can’t possibly do it all?

That was me post summer when I returned from holiday.   I knew I needed to sit down and become REALLY clear on what it was that I wanted to achieve in life and work, so that I knew what I needed to focus on during my day.  Taking the time to clearly see where I wanted to be in September 2014 allowed me to know what I could say NO to, and what I could say YES to those actions that would truly have an impact on achieve my goals.  I call them True Priorities vs Busy Priorities. 


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